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Sugar Momma Online Dating Photos

How important is a dating photo? Many would argue your profile picture is the most important component of your sugar momma dating profile. Your photo is the first thing potential mates view, and the quality and accuracy of this photo can mean the difference between you being taken seriously or written off as a dead profile.

Real people post real photos. Real people post real photos of themselves in various situations. If you’re serious about trying to find love through the genius world of online dating, do post a photo. In fact, post many so the reader can get an accurate representation of who you are.

Question is which pictures should you post? You only get one chance to make a first impression, so you must make the photo count. Your photo must stand out, be appealing, and show off what you think the person you’re trying to attract would be interested in. This can be quite a challenge, so here is a little insight into the psyche of men. Below, in rank order are the features of women than men find important in their life long search for a partner.

While there are some features more prominent than others, men have a wide variety of interests. So, what can we take from this list? If you have a nice chest, include it in your photo. You do not have to be sexy in this photo or show cleavage, but do not be afraid to show it off your bust. If you took all men and generalized them into one, from this poll, it appears most of your initial appeal is in your chest.

The more elements you include in your profile photos, the greater the level of attraction a man may feel for you. If you include all the elements above, and they are all viewed favorably by a man, maybe he’ll give you’ll score a perfect 100%.

Now think about those same relationships and ask yourself why they did not last. You probably have hundreds of reasons why, but there is usually one reason at the core that sticks out from the rest. For generations, men and women across the globe have been stamping their feet in frustration for not realizing the core signs of doom sooner rather than later.

Most of the time the sugar mommas think as they have money they don’t need to present themselves differently to attract young boys. But they are wrong. If you want a long lasting relationship, you will need to be smart enough and to start date online; you will need to provide the best and real picture of you.

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